Environmental Health and Safety Manager

Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Reports To: General Manager Job Code: 11-9199.02
Division: Mid-Level Officials and Managers Pay Grade:
Department: Safety FLSA Classification: Exempt
EEO Category: Mgrs., All Others Last Updated: 4/2022
Lead, live, protect, and instill culture. This is the primary responsibility of any management
position at LuGreg Trucking – to protect and instill our culture as defined in our vision, mission, and purpose statements, fully understanding that the corporate culture portrayed in thesestatements and characterized in our core values must be reflected in not just words, but in dayto-day actions. Although technical competency of company’s operations is of the utmost importance, all leadership positions at LuGreg Trucking fully understand that people management, development skills, and serving others are primary to the position’s and company’s success. LuGreg Trucking’s desire is to produce a workforce and product that is “Best in Class”, reflective of “Operational Excellence for His Glory”, and that fulfills our corporate expectation of excellence. It will be the EH&S Manager’s goal to place and maintain LuGreg Trucking and associated entities, on the cutting edge of the oilfield service industry through cooperation, dedication, continuing education, new ideals, and improved methods. The EH&S Manager should never forget that our greatest assets are the grace of God and our people. We will work together as a team to achieve our corporate vision of “Operational Excellence for HIS Glory.”
Job Summary
This position reports directly to the General Manager with frequent and concurrent interaction with the Exec Team and Director of Human Resources & Development. The position will also interact with all other levels of the organization in some sort of capacity for management of the EH&S department. The successful candidate will partner with leadership to establish vision and strategy and advance a safety culture throughout the organization. This person will support developing, planning, and implementing a robust, compliant, and consistently applied safety program to ensure a safe, healthy, and accident-free work environment for LuGreg Trucking.
The role will also provide technical and compliance expertise, support the field operations of safety, and ensure proper reporting practices of all workers’ compensation, general liability, and accident claims.
Experience, Education, and Training Qualifications
• Degree in a safety discipline related field or will consider work experience in
occupational health and environmental safety of an Oil and Gas operation.
• Strong working knowledge of DOT, OSHA, and Oklahoma Corporation Commission
rules and regulation in the Oil and Gas industry.
• Prefer experience as a EH&S professional where the primary operation of the business
was commercial transportation in the Oil and Gas industry.
Position Skills and Abilities
• Embraces and champions the core values of the company, including but not limited to
humility, compassion, servant leadership, and strong work ethic.
• Key strengths are flexibility and being a self-starter. Must be a team player with a proven
ability to problem-solve, follow-up in a timely manner, and recommend new approaches,
policies, and procedures to effect continual improvements. Responds to issues and
concerns with a sense of urgency.
• Excellent communication (oral and written), interpersonal, and presentational skills.
Strong professional writing skills; able to draft effective team member communications
and training materials. Communicates with other organizational departments to optimize
the resources of the company and to effectively build relationships across the company,
at the divisional, functional, and corporate level. Sets a comfortable tone and
encourages open communication. Promotes environment of equality throughout entire
• Excellent at workload prioritization, resource management, and project management.
Develops and manages processes that are effective and efficient. Excellent
organizational skills and habits of maintaining both physical and electronic information.
• Ability to present facts, analysis, and make recommendations effectively based on the
information provided and respond to questions from team members, managers,
customers, and the public.
• Excellent computer skills that include proficiency with a Windows Operating System and
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point) are essential.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities (Key Result Areas)
• Safety Coordination
• Partner with members of management and Executive Team to identify
expectations, determine performance gaps and develop safety initiatives to
address the gaps.
• Manage all incidents and accidents at LuGreg with proper reporting, tracking,
and root cause analysis for improvement.
• Manage all environmental releases at LuGreg with proper reporting, tracking, and
root cause analysis for improvement.
• Manage all W/C injury claims with the assistance of W/C vendors, Human
Resources, and Payroll department, when needed.
• Provide working knowledge of USDOT regulations regarding driving, inspections,
and vehicle maintenance.
• Planning and presentation of monthly safety meeting topics and tracking.
• Development and refinement of departmental KPI’s (Key Performance
• Preparation, implementation, and oversight of Job Safety Analysis.
• Maintain inventory of all safety supplies and driver’s equipment for toolboxes and
all gas monitors for each yard.
• Interact with team members in a positive, cooperative, and professional manner,
to demonstrate a model of expected behavior on the job.
• Communicate effectively with the Executive Team, Operations, Human
Resources and Development to guarantee that safety training objectives are met,
and any problems or issues are addressed in a timely and professional manner.
• Report at monthly Management Meetings of status and progress of safety
training activities, quarterly safety bonus program, SPCC facility inspections, and
accident, spill & incident documentation, and investigations.
• Work with customer base to remain in compliance with their Safety Programs.
• Maintain online reporting requirements of customer’s web-based safety
compliance programs (i.e., ISNetWorld, PEC, SSQ and National Compliance).
• Communicate Customer Particular Requirements and provide internal notification
to all team members of such requirements.
• Maintain relationships within state and local safety organizations (i.e. Oklahoma
Safety Council, MCEPS, OSMC, Oklahoma Trucking Association, etc.)
Working Conditions
• Ability to work in a variety of working conditions.
• Normal schedule will be five days a week, Monday thru Friday, with occasional Saturday
or Sunday, dependent on the need of the company.
• On Call Status (24/7) for all major injuries or accidents. If unable to be available, then
arrangements will have to be made to cover (i.e., vacation, medical, etc.)
• 50% office work and 50% field work – Must be able to travel with occasional overnight
stay. Company vehicle provided.
• Must reside or be willing to relocate with-in 30 mins of Kingfisher, OK.

Email – hr@lugregtrucking.com

Phone – 405-375-5152 ext 100