UCO Student Section

ASSP Student Officers, UCO Chapter, August 2017 through May 2018

The following students are the elected officers for ASSP, UCO Chapter for 2017-2018

President                         Chase Gilbert – 405-535-6034, cgilbert7@uco.edu

Vice President                 Beau Danker – 405-819-0831, bdanker1@uco.edu

Secretary                         Jacquelyn Best – 405-831-3270, jholdridge6@uco.edu

Student Senate                Skylur Whaley – 580-490-2277, swhaley5@uco.edu

Treasurer                         Alan Beck – 405-938-8850, abeck3@uco.edu

Public Relations               Jacob Hendricks – 405-830-8437, jhendricks3@uco.edu

and Kelli Woolley – 405-531-8750; kwoolley@uco.edu

In addition, our student chapter meeting dates for the spring semester are as follows:

1/25/2018                ASSP Student Chapter Meeting (Amy Bowman)

2/8/2018                  OKC Chapter Meeting@ UCO Ballroom A (Brandon Robbins)

2/27/18                    ASSP Student Chapter Meeting, speaker TBD

3/29/18                    ASSP Student Chapter Meeting, (officer elections)

4/6-8/18                  Region III Student Leadership Conference, Broken Arrow, OK

4/17/18                    ASSP Fish Fry