UCO Student Section

ASSP Student Officers, UCO Chapter, August 2018 through May 2019

President                       Beau Danker – 405-819-0831, bdanker1@uco.edu

Vice President              Faith Looney – 405-774-3745, faithlooney@uco.com

Secretary                        Courtney Peery – 405-740-6188, cpeery4@uco.edu

Student Senate            Alan Beck – 405-938-8850, abeck3@uco.edu

Treasurer                       Kelli Woolley – 405-531-8750; kwoolley@uco.edu

Public Relations           Eric Sample- 405-905-0440; esample@uco.edu

Matthew Haggard- 405-808-3883; mhaggard1@uco.edu

ASSP Recruiting          Austin Wilson – 918-530-8560; awilson79@uco.edu


Meetings and Events for Fall 2018

9/25/18                    Student Meeting

Introduce student officers and overview of ASSP

Guest speaker TBA

Location: HES 211

Time: 2:00-3:15pm

10/16/18                  Annual Burger Bash

Hamburger cookout, networking event

Location: Blue Tent at Broncho Lake

Time: 5:30pm to 9:00pm

11/1/18                    Student Meeting

Guest speaker TBA

Location: HES 211

Time: 2:00-3:15pm

11/7/18                    Joint Meeting with the Tulsa Chapter in Stillwater, OK

11/918                    OKC ASSP sponsored Sporting Clay Competition

TBA                        Presidents Christmas Party for disadvantaged children

The student chapter will sponsor one or two children at this event