Mission Statement

WISE has been established to foster the advancement of women in the SH&E profession. This will be accomplished through:

  • Fostering an environment that allows members to share ideas
  • Ongoing evaluation of the state of women in the SH&E profession
  • Mentoring women in the SH&E profession
  • Networking to strengthen professional relationships
  • Obtaining professional certifications
  • Promoting the development and peer review of written material related to issues specific to women in the workplace as well as within the SH&E profession

For more information about WISE: http://www.assp.org/practicespecialties/wise/

2019 – 2020 OKC Chapter WISE Meetings & Events

September 16                     We will have a speaker from the Hough Ear Institute talking about their groundbreaking research in preventing and reversing noise-induced       UCO HES Building               hearing loss. Hearing loss is not currently believed to be reversible, but the research being done now, could completely change the impact of   3:00 – 4:30 pm                     hearing loss for millions of people world-wide. Our speaker is excited to share the newest research updates and breakthroughs as we look to a                                               bright future in the science of restoring acquired hearing loss.

The small group meeting allows for connections between EOSH professionals to discuss the topic and recent events. This ASSP common interest group meeting is open to both men and women.

OKC Chapter WISE Local Liaisons contact information:

Jennifer Styx

E-mail: jenniferstyx@downingusa.com

Phone: (281) 900-2913

Betsey Kulakowski

E-mail: BetseyK@oksafety.org

Phone: (405) 818-4961